vendredi 21 septembre 2018

Philéas & Romig's

DED is working since almost one year now on a terrific game...

"Sordid Street... A foggy dead end. Your evening could have not been worse. You entered the Killer, the most bad reputated bar in town. You just wanted to have a chip beer before going back to your street's corner for an outside sleep? Could be the last night of your life: the street fight has begun!
Will you survivre it?"

Play your life each time you roll the dice!

Sordid Street Killer, it's 25 characters to play, every one has a different skill! Pick up some fight cards, grab the dice and roll it! Got your life points? The game has begun.... Who will be the last bad guy alive?

What you see up there is the last prototype, actually we are still working on it, but it's almost finished. We will start to screenprint it soon...

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