mardi 4 décembre 2018

Sordid Street Printers


Greetings friends of the pack.
The crew is working more than ever on the release of the Sordid Street Killer action card game... And we are already working on ideas for dotations to propose on the incoming crowdfunding, Tshirts, posters, tokens, and more!

vendredi 21 septembre 2018

Philéas & Romig's

DED is working since almost one year now on a terrific game...

"Sordid Street... A foggy dead end. Your evening could have not been worse. You entered the Killer, the most bad reputated bar in town. You just wanted to have a chip beer before going back to your street's corner for an outside sleep? Could be the last night of your life: the street fight has begun!
Will you survivre it?"

Play your life each time you roll the dice!

Sordid Street Killer, it's 25 characters to play, every one has a different skill! Pick up some fight cards, grab the dice and roll it! Got your life points? The game has begun.... Who will be the last bad guy alive?

What you see up there is the last prototype, actually we are still working on it, but it's almost finished. We will start to screenprint it soon...

mercredi 19 septembre 2018


DED was On Fire!!! Great DIY punk festival last month in Berlin, thanks to all the people they made this happened!

mercredi 4 juillet 2018



Hello friends of the pack!

New collective work!
We made this handmade book in Voltaire School (Berlin) with 56 kids and their teachers during June. Forest and Emotions, it's 14 pages full of colours, 3 points thread-binding, 60 copys.
Viva los ninos, viva la serigraphia!

jeudi 7 juin 2018


Dear friends of the pack, DED will stand at Independant Label Market, Berlin city, we have some new spawns to show to you...
The FB page of the event HERE

mardi 13 février 2018

HaSHé MeNü


Dear friends on the pack!

DED responds to the call of his fellows, and will be present for the first edition of the festival HASHE MENU organised by the Hashet collective, Bruxelles city!
 More informations by following the link HERE, see you there, maybe we got some new stuff to show to you...

Coming soon; TOYZ!!!

jeudi 8 février 2018



Here's some pictures of our last graphzine, 


by Phi und Romig. 

May contain screenprinting and maybe it is 100% D.I.Y from Germania!

Each fanzine stars a different drawing in the middlepage! Drawing here is from PHI!

L'Echo des Festoches

Greetings friends of the pack!

Some pictures on our table at the Vendetta #5 festival, see you there next year!


vendredi 19 janvier 2018

Doggy News

Salutations amis de la meute!

Vous baviez peut être en attendant les visuels de ce dernier rejeton signé Romig!

CORN FLESH, réveille les morts au ptit déj'! 

Greetings, friends of the pack!

Maybe you were drooling by waiting for the visuals of the last Romig's spawn!

CORN FLESH, wake up the dead at breakfast!

Every pack of CORN FLESH contains a minicomix, a handful of Original Corn Flesh and a random piece of body! Collect'm all and be proud of yourself!